Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Flagrant Desires and Brief Encounters

Reclining on the sofa last night I was gazing upon my little chocolate basket when it occurred to me what delightful names were on the covers. It’s no wonder I cannot resist:

Ghirardelli’s “Twilight Delight” Intense Dark

Flagrants Desirs’ Dark Chocolate

(flagrant desires! gorrr!)

Soma’s “The Dark Fire”

And so I passed on watching The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (I have it for a whole week on Captain Luke’s recommendation… well, he is a man of the sea after all and when was I ever to refuse the suggestion of a master and commander?) and instead indulged myself in watching Brief Encounter yet again, and yet again, ten minutes in, when Celia Johnson begins her internal monologue on the train, I fell to sobbing and reached for the Flagrant Desirs chocolate. Not for me the dainty weeping or welling tear-ducts. No my friends, loud honking noises were to be heard emanating from my vicinity. It didn't last long. I was a bit like Homer Simpson in that episode where he cooks and eats his pet lobster. As he eats "Pinchy" he alternately drools and celebrates over the delectable flesh and then, turning on a dime, wails for his lost friend. And so between purrs of pleasure as I bit into the chocolate, I would well up as Celia walked the rain-slicked streets of London, torn between her family and her lover. Then back to the chocolate. Hmmmm... maybe for me chocolate is less a mood-enhancer than a mood-swing-enhancer.

Hee hee... sob.


Ra Ra said...

Did someone say chocolate? Hello! That woke me up...

Darling Jana, one simply cannot discuss chocolate without mentioning my ultimate favourite, the Leonidas Brand. Made in Belgium and flown direct in refrigerated airplanes around the world. The selection is amazing and the taste! Simply the best!

Although I favour the milk chocolate, especially the caramel filled ones, I must say that my ultimate favourite is the white chocolate filled with pineapple flavoured buttercream.

There was one affair I had, with an unnamed gentleman, in which Leonidas chocolates figured somewhat prominently in our loveplay. Naturally I leave it all to your imagination, but suffice to say that a romp in the sack with both a virile man AND chocolate--at the same time---is the closest to heaven on earth, at least that I've ever come to!

Oodles of Toodles,
Ra Ra

p.s. Leonidas are sold at the Bay on Queen, for those of you whose interest has been piqued and who wish to try for themselves the superb taste and texture of these chocolate delights. The chocolates are sold individually or in pre-made boxes.

Anonymous said...

Please advise as to the correct pronunciation of "Ghirardelli's"

Blog Princess G said...

Sorry, I just noticed this comment. Ghirardelli is pronounced:

gi (as in "give") - rahr - DEH (accent on this syllable) - lee