Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Next Big Cake Project - part eight

The cake was a hit and now it's eaten. Yay!

First picture shows the original stained glass designed by Burne-Jones and manufactured by Morris and Co. There is more information on this at the site of Tom Krepcio, a stained-glass artist. The window is part of the Delaware Art Museum's magnificent Pre-Raphaelite collection, currently touring (but returning home this September to be re-exhibited there). They have more information about the piece at this URL. On his site, Tom has a link to the iPod blurb on this piece.

On the right you have Laura's recreation in sugar. Isn't it amazingly close, and that's not a good picture of it as my flash washed out some detail. Below that you have the finished cake with the lettering, which we piped in lead colour outline, and flooded with a soft grey-green. The last image is a detail of the sugar glass (remember this thing is entirely edible).

The cake is eaten and we are already getting excited about our ideas for next year, which will all be revealed in good time. Thank you all for your interest!


Saucepot said...

Fantabulous! Thank you for sharing your project and taking us through the various stages of its' creation. Can't wait to see what ideas you're TOYing with for your next cake.

paula c. said...

hey ace girl spy
book group paula here. smitty sent me to look at your cake and i must say it looked good enough to eat. i love william morris and the cake was a tribute of the highest order. keep baking!
hope you are well. i still have a book of yours which i'm dropping off with smitty tomorrow so she can finally get it back to you. SORRY about the delay. i hate people like me!!!

Blog Princess G said...

Paula! So lovely to hear from you. No probs about the book - I love people like you! I don't remember which one so it'll be a nice surprise to get it back. You might not read this comment, so I'll e-mail you too!