Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Next Big Cake Project - part five

What a good change from previous years when we brought our completed elements together to complete a cake in just a day. This time we have given ourselves two short days.

Laura arrived at 11 and we had some tea and caught up and then she started painting the glass sheet. She put the 100% colour printout below the sugar glass and began a simple tracing process, then worked on the colour and tones by referring to a small but accurate print of the stained glass window, as you can see her doing in the photograph.

I continued building the cake. The 20" square cake board had already been covered with white fondant by Laura. The first 16" square chocolate layer was placed on the board and brushed with raspberry liqueur and a layer of cooked buttercream. Same for the second layer. The third layer (which I am yet to place) will just be topped with buttercream as will the sides. Tonight I'm doing the lettering (royal icing outline with flooding to fill). Tomorrow we will pipe the "leading" that separates each pane of glass, the leading which surrounds the window, and some teal blue waves along the base of the cake, where it joins the board. At that point we'll see what else we need. Stay tuned! My place smells fantastico!

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Saucepot said...

Exquisite! Can't wait to see part six.