Friday, March 23, 2007

The Next Big Cake Project - part seven

Laura arrived at 8:30 this morning and after some tea we continued work on the cake. With some lead-coloured royal icing, Laura painted the "lead" on the sugar glass panel (top two pictures). This brought the whole thing to life. The leading looks real!

She placed the finished sugar glass on top of the cake (left-hand picture, second row) and I piped on the wave/shell-like trims. We had some discussion then about lettering. We had thought maybe we'd leave it off and the cake looked elegant and simple without it. But it was niggling at us so we decided, even though it would have been simpler not to, to go ahead and do it. Laura then piped the outline (in the same lead colour) for the lettering (right-hand picture, second row, and left-hand picture, third row) and we went to have lunch and enjoy the beautiful sunshine while it dried.

When we came back I flooded the lettering with some dark teal royal icing (right-hand picture, third row) and now the letters are drying. Tomorrow morning we'll gently push the finished letters into the soft buttercream on the walls of the cake, and transfer it to our venue! I'll also attach some lead-coloured ribbon around the edge of the cake board.

So that's it, we're nearly done. The last picture is a kind of teaser shot! Tomorrow we'll have the unveil. Stay tuned! And thank you all for your interest.


Saucepot said...

Everyone, take a look back to the actual picture from the Tues Mar 20th entry and compare it to the (almost) finished product that we are being teased with. Amazing! Can't wait to see tomorrow's entry and pictures. Kudos to Ginny & Laura for an excellent job!

Capt. Luke said...

I may be mistaken but isn't lead poisonous or something like that....scurvy is bad but I imagine that may be a tad worse. I think you should have left off the lettering on such a work of art!

Blog Princess G said...

Thanks Saucepot! It's been so much fun!

Captain Luke, it's royal icing that LOOKS like lead, as is the lettering, which... you will see tomorrow. I hope it gets the captain's seal of approval.

Blog Princess G said...

oh, and Saucepot... you've done it now... prepare to be INUNDATED with photographs by personal e-mail! Hee hee.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that it's more magnificent in the flesh (chocolate sponge-cake flesh) than the photographs illustrate. Another triumph... xxxxxxx R

Saucepot said...

Thanks Blog Princess - looking forward to them

Ange said...

Cannot wait to see the finished product.

Speaking of cake, I made a 'lazyman's cake' today. That is when you go to a bakery and buy one.

There is an adorable bakery on Bloor in my neck of the woods. The kitchen is in full view and everything is freshly made on the premises.

I bought a little chocolate cake, in honour of Mark coming over tonight. It's been a while (February?) since I last saw him and it just feels festive to be getting together.

Wow, I even mopped the living room floor with Murphy's oil. It must be a special occasion.

Back to the cake. I wonder if I have any champagne on hand. The two go so well together.