Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Next Big Cake Project - part six

I was gnashing my teeth yet again when I realized that the second batch of buttercream would only really provide a crumb coating to the cake (this indicates an icing layer that just holds the crumbs at bay so the next layer can be much cleaner) and that I needed to make a third batch. So grumbling somewhat to myself I headed out earlier this evening to the store to get more stuff, and what luck that I did! The sky was magnificently dark, clear as crystal, and strangely lacking in ambient light... which set off all the stars. Orion was right there in front of me, complete with "belt." (Belt, schmelt.) Just north of Orion was the most beautiful crescent moon I'd seen in years. I dawdled all the way to the store. They don't carry parchment paper but the new clerk - with many conspiratorial winks - gave me some sheets of what they use in their baking section and told me I could get as many as I needed from him as often as I needed them. I wonder if he'll last the week. There's the cake with most of the third batch of buttercream on it (a lot of it is on me!)

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