Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Next Big Cake Project - part three: How it All Started

After taking all three levels of cake decorating classes at George Brown College, Laura and our made our first cake (left hand column of picture). It was based on William Morris' "Trellis" wallpaper pattern. It measured 16" x 16" and was about 4" high. At the top you see a sample of the actual wallpaper (visit the Charles Rupert shop either in person or online and attach drool cup); in the middle is an overhead of our actual cake; and on the bottom is a sample of Laura's delicate floodwork on the birds.

The column on the right of the pic is the "Fruit" pattern cake, also based on a William Morris design. We did a cake in between, based on "Daisy", but - I don't have any decent photographs of it. I shall try and track some down.

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Anonymous said...

l Love all the pics, and admire the intricate delicacy of the work on the cake. And, my seal of approval on the new pic too!