Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Next Big Cake Project - part two

Here are the results of the melted sugar experiments. We want the design to lay flat on top of the white-fondant covered cake. We also want it to look like real glass. This was interesting. The bottom image is a rich caramel and not very see through. It's the result of melting plain granulated sugar. The middle image was icing sugar, which would work if you can keep it very thin (see the bit in the middle that's practically see-through?), but we don't want it to be too fragile. The top image is just melted plain transparent candies, in this case Trebor's Glitter mints. I think this is the one!

Here is the plan: Laura has purchased the 20" x 20" cake board and is covering it with fondant. I'm making the three chocolate layers (16" x 16" each) and also the buttercream filling. There is lettering to go around the sides of the cake board that will be piped and filled with royal icing and over the next two days I'll be making the individual glass pieces to be made up into the stained glass panel that sits flat on the top of the cake. On Thursday and Friday Laura and I will get together at my place to paint and assemble. I've no doubt Laura's James - who has been a vital part of the processes the last three cakes - will be there too at some point! Laura and James are both very fine artists and also great cooks, so the cake - once more - is in good hands.


Saucepot said...

News alert (stop) Residents of Toronto's St. Lawrence Market District report feeling earth tremors this afternoon (stop) Upon police investigation it was discovered that there was no cause for concern (stop) Apparently, the minor earth vibrations were as a result of the pounding of hundreds of Trebor mints (stop)

On a related note this also explains the unexpected increase in the share price of Trebor on the TSX.

Blog Princess G said...

If my hands weren't so numb from hammering Trebor mints, they'd be doling out smacked bottoms.