Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not Just About Film, Food and Fiction. There's Flowers Too.

Dave and Mario gave me this violet years and years ago, and it still blooms in it's cheerfully relentless way almost all the time. I keep it topped up with soil and twice a year or so give it a fertilizer stick, watering from the bottom. It loves this northern exposure and, for all its modesty, is the most cheerful thing I see each morning.


Saucepot said...

I would have to say that the violet is flourishing because it is basking in your presence and is exposed to the wonderous aromas of your culinary prowess

Blog Princess G said...

Ahhh... go on! No... I mean it - go on! Although I don't believe it's actually a succulent, I make sure it is tightly held in its little pot and has lots of northern light. As for those aromas, it must respond well to dark chocolate because there's a lot of that around here as has been already established.