Thursday, April 19, 2007

Summer Feast

Today I bought the first mangoes of the year. And some little forelle pears that I am eating as I type, with some cheddar cheese and some tea. Mmmmmmmm... very happy girl.

Here's a picture of the best of the bunch before I cut it up. I think this is one of those foods, that - as much as I love eating them - look prettier than they taste, but for that reason alone they're worth it.

The mangoes are filling the kitchen with the most wonderful smell and I'm preparing to perform my cavewoman routine on the weekend. I'll peel one, slice it into long slivers, then lean over the sink and ravish the pit, juice running down my arms. Most unlike my usual dainty ways (no smart comments please). BUT... those slivers I sliced before... in a bowl... feeding myself like sealion, head back... in he goes... a quick chew and smacking of lips. Also, cut up into pieces with some Balkan yoghurt. Sigh.

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