Monday, April 30, 2007


Suzanne reminded me today that one of my favourite things that start with "F" would have to be felines, and, in particular, the wonderful Tibby. He lives with my parents but I'm kind of an honorary mum. This picture was taken by Barbara (ace girl cat photographer) and it is the best picture ever taken of him: I think it captures his sweet expression and gorgeous colouring. Now Tibbles is a big boy, about 20 pounds, but he's also big boned, honest guv! When he stands on his hind legs, he can hook his front paws on the kitchen counter, to give you an idea of how long he is. He loves people, loves talking back, is gentle and affectionate. He often comes when he's called. His actual name is Tybalt, as in "Tybalt, Prince of Cats" but of course he's been Tibby since day one. Well, he's been other names too:

Tibby ~ Tibbles ~ The Tibmeister ~ Tubby Tibby ~ Tibby Wibby ~ Tibbles and Bits (courtesy of Uncle Derek) ~ The Ginger Donut ~ Cat with Wibbly-Wobbly Walk ~ Inspector Tibblesworth of the Yard (because he likes to inspect the yard) ~ The Honey Cruller ~ The Ginger Whinger ~ Chatty Catty ~ George ~ Herbert ~ The Sausage Machine (don't ask) ~ and finally... That's MR. TIBBS.


Auntie S said...

My, Tibby looks like the lord of the manor, doesn't he? Possibly he should make an appearance on although I suspect he does not think of himself as cute, but rather sophisticated and somewhat nonchalant. What a lovely puss!

Saucepot said...

Firstly, that is a great picture -love his colouring. What a HUGE feline! My niece is 13 months old and about 20 pounds. By golly, what are your parents feeding him? I think I would feel rather 'Lilliputian' if I were to meet him but more importantly hope that he would have had his dinner beforehand.

Anonymous said...

Tibbles is perfectly gorgeous, but heavens, you are far more than honorary mum....You are surely one of Tibbie's favourite people in the whole world!

Tibbles has an outsize personality and an ever-increasing following of fans.

He is lucky to have so many humans who adore him!

Blog Princess G said...

Tibbles doesn't eat that much. That's what so interesting. But as I said, he's not FAT, he's just a really big boy. Well, okay, he's a bit fat. I noticed that last time I visited. He'll lose some weight over the summer when he spends a lot of time in the garden. Okay, he's pretty fat, and you really notice it when he rolls over. Okay, no more remarks on Tibby's tubbiness!

Anonymous said...

Tibby is not fat, he's well upholstered.

And after all, cats do need cushioning for all those jumps, dives and rolls they take.