Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Naughty Cheesy

I'm giving up wheat in an effort to find out why I feel so permanently allergic. Yes, it's my own diet-elimination plan. It's actually more drastic than that, but I don't want to go into the tragic, chocolate-deprivatory details here.

So... for old times' sake... here is a picture of a cheesey from a packet I bought recently. I think it's extremely saucy. So I photographed it, then I ate it. Yummy!

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Anonymous said...

I believe the wheat allergy is called celiac's disease?

Did you know that in Toronto, there is a store at Sick Kids' hospital that sells all manner of non-wheat pastas, breads, crackers, etc. At least there used to be, and it may still be there.

Spelt is an ancient grain that is one of the oldest cultivated in history. And where would the Russians be without rye?

In short, a wheat - deprived life can still be a rich, full one. Just look at all those strong supple horses---they never met an oat they didn't like!