Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New Purchase

And I bought this little jug. I think it will hold flowers and stay in the spare bedroom with the William Morris curtains. I know, I know... I'm a girl, what can I say?


Anonymous said...

Not just William Morris curtains. That room also contains a teddy bear or two, cherished childhood volumes, artwork extraordinaire, and safecracking equipmen----whoops! I promised I'd never tell!!!!
(tee hee)

Blog Princess G said...


Yes the teddies live there in a small green wicker chair. There are more in the cupboard. To be honest, they are so ill-behaved that they are rarely let out any more. They are also the main reason the chocolate is kept in the china cabinet. We've had some ugly scenes and I hate finding up-chucked chocolate behind the wing chair days after it has been brought forth.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the nefarious plot that was uncovered in the nick of time....you know, the one your naughty teddies cooked up with Paddington when he decided to return to Lima, Peru for a visit with his old chums. That dangerous South American coup, the near-toppling of el Jeffe, was narrowly averted, and to think it was all plotted as the late afternoon sun poured through innocent William Morris pattern and the rooibous was being poured in the very next room!