Thursday, June 14, 2007

Question of the Day and Mere Christianity

Well, my post about the top ten actors I would like to be stranded on a desert island with got the most number of comments. So... here's another question:

What character, real or fictitious, historical or contemporary would you most like to be stranded on a desert island with?

I'll ponder that one today.

Also, I'm now in a one-off, two-person book group with Captain Luke. We're reading C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity. Neither of us have read it before. Captain Luke is a believer, I am deeply confused. This should be interesting. The upside is this is the sort of friendship where we can disagree deeply on certain matters and still be great friends.


Anonymous said...

Albert Einstein, because he could devise a way to get us off the island!

Anonymous said...

How about the Wright Brothers, or more precisely, one of the Wright Brothers. He could fashion a primitive aeroplane out of palm leaves, sea weed and beach sand, use fermented coconut milk for fuel and off we'd flym airborne, into the wild blue yonder (and back to civilization, hopefully!)

Anonymous said...

Jesus or Moses. One could walk on water and the other could part it. Either way, we wouldn't be stranded for long.

Blog Princess G said...

Jesus or Moses is brilliant... and a cool tie-in with the Mere Christianity part of my post.

I was actually thinking about who I'd want to be stuck on an island with indefinitely... but still finding it hard to come up with... or admit!

But if I wanted to get off, I think Jesus or Moses would be my best bet.

Moira said...

Greetings from Edmonton;

Oh, this is a good one. Stuck indefinitely on an island with just one individual.

It goes without saying that this person would have to fulfill all your present and every conceivable future need...mental, physical, and on and on. They would also need to be physically healthy seeing as how they would have to do much work of a physical nature. Building shelter, hunting and gathering food. Intelligence must be paramount. You would need a person who would know survival techniques and the ability to get you out of come what may difficulties may arise.
A knowledge of botany, fishing and the ability to tell the difference between poisonous plants and harmless ones.
Bravery so that he could battle and win in any dangerous situations including nasty things like wild boars bent on goring you.
Skilled enough to find or know how to collect reliable freshwater source.
Tall order.And on top of all that, he should be good company! What's the use if he bores you in to a stupor every time he opens his mouth? Day after day, year after year. Who could possibly fill those shoes?
One man, and one man alone. Indiana Jones.
My choice above all else.

Blog Princess G said...

Moira - I think you hit the nail on the head. I couldn't think of anyone. But of course, it would have to be him. But no whip-practicing by having me hold a piece of coconut in my teeth and standing at a right angle to him for him to practice whipping it out my mouth. No, that I just won't do!

Ra Ra said...

There's only one man, one number....007.

If I had to be stranded with one character, it would be James Bond.

And which James Bond? Its a toss up between the rugged intensity of Timothy Dalton, the suave forcefulness of Pierce Brosnan, and the cool wit of ebonair Roger Moore. They are all James Bonds so there you go, I can't narrow it down any further than that!

Ra Ra

Capt. Luke said...

Also, one would be better off with an engineer rather than Einstein..theories aren't going to get you off the island....:-)

Capt. Luke said...

I find it interesting and ultimately disappointing that so many chose their person based on their ability to get off the island rather than have someone they wanted to spend time answer of course is the blog princess!