Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Top Ten Actors I'd Like to be Stranded on a Desert Island With

Now, right off the bat, by "top ten actors" I do mean "top ten male actors". Let's be honest, this could be for years. I mean, who knows when the next tramp steamer comes by. And let's just assume they're all alive!

This was tough. I mean, I've changed it three times already... and I know this list will change, but here goes:

Just off the list: Tom Berenger. I used to call him Tom "Lips" Berenger for obvious reasons. Not sure what happened to him. I hope he's okay. And if he's not, I hope it's nothing a cup of tea won't fix. But I'm not sure there's much of a sense of humour there.

10. Ed Harris - proving once and for all that being short and bald is no hindrance to being very sexy. I think putting him to work on our shelter will be good for his earnestness and I'll get to watch him sweating in the sun which is how I plan to spend the next few years. And being diminutive he'd be closer to the ground than I am so would be handy for picking things up that I might drop.

9. Bob Peck - Boutros Boutros Golly! Did anyone see Jurassic Park? The man had the best thighs in the business and there are some great shots of them. Also, the bit when he knows the raptor is going to get him and he turns and says "Clever girl," - well, I can see that happening a lot on the island. I'd find another grove of banana trees and he'd say "Clever girl." Same when I learn to weave us sarongs or find a red light-filled grotto to swim in. Plus all sorts of other tricks I have up my non-sleeves.

8. Dennis Haysbert - very tall, which is good for reaching up to higher branches on those pesky fruit trees; also possesses the most melting voice and has a face I could gaze upon for a very very long time. Hold the tramp steamer, I need years to tap his resources.

7. Rufus Sewell – so sexy it hurts. A husky-voiced English sex god who could recite Chinese fortune cookies to me and have me writhing in paroxysms of joy. Yes… yes, I think he’d be just lovely to have on the island.

6. Jeff Goldblum - Seriously... again, did anyone see Jurassic Park? The bit when he's been injured and is laying on the table propped up on one elbow like the sculpture's model for a Greek God? I like his athletic nerdiness. And he looks like he'd be great to have long, fascinating debates with well into the night. Yeah, that's the ticket.

5. Michael Kitchen - kind of a Claude Rains type. Also possesses the number one quality I look for in a man which is the ability to raise one eyebrow slightly in an intelligent, insouciant manner. Okay, so not helpful in a desert island setting, but this is all about me and what I want!

4. Liam Neeson - not sure if he has enough of a sense of humour but I bet he will after a few weeks with me. Did you see Rob Roy? The man looks fine in a kilt so you can bet he'll look even better in a sarong. Plus, remember the bit at the start when he bathes in the loch? Yep, good naked too, so scrap the sarongs, I have no time to learn to weave, I have a Neeson to ravish!

3. Jeff Bridges - he plays a guitar so he could keep me entertained and he has a general hotness that goes beyond type in my book. rrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

2. Bill Pullman - the man loves planting fruit trees! I think he'll be good at making sure the bananas keep propegating and with all the peanuts we can grow, I think we'll be in good shape! I also think he's very sexy, in a kind of delightfully nerdy way. Taught Michael Kitchen how to raise an eyebrow by the looks of things.


1. Jason Isaacs - ....................................... THUD

Clever girl.


Blog Princess G said...

Ack! How could I forget Sam Shepherd? Okay, I think I might have to revise this AGAIN. And I'd also like to point out that this list is top ten ACTORS, not necessarily top ten men in general. I mean, if I HAD to go to a desert island with an actor... sigh, the things up with which I have to put.

Cypress J. Prayres said...

Who are these people? NO idea of who on earth they are or what they look like. Recognize only one or two names---This list needs an immediate and drastic revision.

Replace at once with names like Greg Peck, Will Holden, H. Bogart, Charles Boyer, Cary Grant, Yul Brynner, Louis Jourdan, Harrison Ford if you insist on someone who is still alive...

Blog Princess G said...

Dear Cypress,

That would be YOUR list. This is MY list.

Cypress J. Prayres said...

YOur list, oho, one would almost think that this was your blog....

My dear, one is merely trying to save you from endless years with nothing but sand, a palm tree or two and the horrid realization that you are with the wrong man...for the rest of your life?

Truth be told, an actor would be highly useless. YOu want a more useful individual, such as an SAS hunk, a Coast Guard, a rugged Paul Bunyon type. Better.

Blog Princess G said...

Yeah, but, this is the top ten list of ACTORS. There are many other men I would rather be stranded on a desert island with, bu that is a very personal list indeed.

I love your SAS suggestion. Who Dares Wins! Mmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should watch "Castaway". Might make you decide that a FedEx man is your best bet!

Blog Princess G said...

An excellent idea. I'd be waaaaaay more fun than Wilson was on that desert island. And my makeup is waaaaaay more subtle.

I suppose the next category would be what CHARACTER would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

Barbara said...

I'm with you on Jeff Goldblum and Liam Neeson. Had to look up Michael Kitchen and Bob Peck, but they look delectable. What about Russell Crowe (in his very masterly captain's uniform). He's not only worth being stranded with, but he could also get you off the island. Or better yet, get you off ON the island, heh-heh.

Blog Princess G said...

Oh yes! I concur wholeheartedly Dr. Barbara with your prescription. I think that Russell Crowe would be ideal. BUT.... first he has to promise to bring his costumes from both "Gladiator" and "Master and Commander." THEN he has to promise no throwing coconuts at my head or other tantrums. Not that he'd have reason to.

Bonaparte said...

Regarding Russell: As long as there isn't a telephone on the island, you should be okay by way of avoiding flying missiles!

Moira said...

Greetings from Edmonton,

May I add some of my favourites to the list?

1.Dennis Quaid
2.Kevin Costner
3.Sam Neil
4.Brian Denehy
5.Gene Hackman
6.Robert Mitchum (I'm not sure if he is still alive.


moira said...

Greetings from Edmonton,

Can I add one more please?
Scott Bakula. I enjoyed his series Quantum Leap. He has a warm smile and I tend to watch anything on television if he is in it.

Moira said...

Greetings from Edmonton,

In reading the comments for this posting, I would say I like the idea of which characters a gal would most like to be stranded with. But hands down, girls, would it not be "The Professor" from Giliggan's Island? Since he has proved many times that he can make a radio from two coconuts and a dead battery, and a windmill from bamboo shoots and an elastic band. He's our man, gals..


Blog Princess G said...

Hi Moira, thank you for your comments on my blog this evening. Wow, a new reader!

I always had a crush on the Professor. He had that nerdy thing going but was also very handsome. Yes, he'd be ideal. Thrilled to see Brian Dennehy mentioned. A talk-show host years ago (might have been British) once introduced him saying that he proved a man shaped like a household appliance could be a sex symbol. I agree. That man is big of frame with an even bigger twinkle in his eye.

Blog Princess G said...

As for Robert Mitchum, yes yes yes! He was of that rare group of men (I'd put Humphrey Bogart in there) who are RELENTLESSLY men and NOT THE SLIGHTEST bit boys. I watch Ben Affleck (a lovely handsome lad) but he seems permanently adolescent. Brad Pitt? I have no idea what the fuss is about. NO IDEA WHATSOEVER.

Anonymous said...

Good on ya for Rufus Sewell. When you got tired of playing, he could entertain you with that enormous talent. Have you ever listened to any of his audiobook narrations? He could read to you and you'd hope that tramp streamer would never find you.

Blog Princess G said...

All I've heard Rufus Sewell read is "Ode to a Beautiful Nude" from the "Il Postino" soundtrack. It's online somewhere. rrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrr

I shall have to visit Audio Books downtown and see if they carry any of his full-length readings, as it were.

Wow, I think this post takes the award for most comments. Well, it is a pretty delicious subject.

Capt. Luke said...

This just in...as of today Robert Mitchum, native Delawarean is in fact still dead....we now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.


P.S. Just took my first acting class today!

Blog Princess G said...

lol... Aceman, I just read this. Very witty. Is a Delawarian ever really dead?