Thursday, June 7, 2007


There is sad news today. Barbara and Derek's lovely cat Ubu has passed away. Ubu (pronounced "Oo-boo") was with them for 19 years, since she was just a few months old. She was a very pretty cat and so small - especially so the last few years - that the times I had her on my lap, I could hardly feel her there. She had a sweet miaow and a gorgeous face and was very loving and gentle. She couldn't have been more loved by Barbara and Derek and I'm sure Marmie (sole cat of the household now) will miss her too, as will we all.

This picture is by Barbara.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering Ubu in your blog. She may have gone by many names (Boo-Boo, Booby, Booby-Dooby, Bubbly-bubbly-bubbly-bubbly-Booooo-Boo, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Irritating and Mrs. Heavyfoot, among others) but she had a singular personality. I wish all your friends could have met her.

Moira said...

Greetings from Edmonton:,

Sorry to hear of kitty's passing. I once had a cat that looked very similar to Ubu. His name was Cromwell and he lived to age 14. Quite a striking resemblance to this cat pictured here.

Cromwell had many friends who mourned his passing. Our dog, Gaffy and he were great friends, and Gaffy was not the same after we lost Cromwell.

--I came across this blog by random chance, now I will glance at other postings.


Suza said...

Please tell Barb and Derek how sorry I am. I never met Ubu but heard wonderful stories through the blog princess and as I am a huge cat lover I know what it means to love, and unfortunately lose, a furry friend.