Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sweet, Scary Dragons

I don't actually have tchotchkes... those useless little ornaments that serve no purpose. What I do have are the occasional useful whimsies. Like this one. This dragon (left) holds incense sticks in his mouth, and when he's not... he just has a permanent look of surprise on his face.

He was the official "muse" when our department at work created this dragon cake, to depict Fafner, the terrifying dragon in the Ring of the Nibelung. The picture is blurry unfortunately, but kind of scary in its blurriness I think!

The cake was built with no plan on paper, we just winged it really, and it took one day to do (and one evening to bake lots of chocolate cake!) We made the form from carved pieces of cake. Rolled fondant was then coloured green, and carefully laid over the cake base. It was hand dusted to create shadows and texture. The background mountain was made of painted, crumpled paper, with a covered flashlight in the cave to provide the glow of the hidden gold. The details on the dragon, ridges, claws, eyeballs, tongue etc. were shaped from fondant too, as was the dragon's naked victim, Mime (seen on the right). The tongue glistens thanks to piping gel. The earth was sugar, chocolate cake crumbs and food colouring. We then eviscerated him, as the story required, and filled his torn up side with trifle. Lots of red goo! Everything about the dragon and his victim was edible and was designed to appeal particularly to the young among us. I seem to recall several 11-year-old boys being very impressed. Can't go wrong with the blood and guts with that age.


Suza said...

1) "Useless! No importance!" Aieeeeee. Come now blog princess. You have tchotchkes - yes you do! I, as you know, have a few (okay more than a few) and they are near and dear to me. I know I should heed the call to cull but can't.

2) The blog princess failed to mention that Fafner was part of a wee competition. He should have won hands down but did not. You was robbed, robbed I tell ya!!

Blog Princess G said...

1. Ah... but I think all my bits and pieces all have a purpose, like candle sticks or clocks. I'm looking around here... and actually can't see a tchotchke that is just there for its own sake. Ohhh, except in my china cabinet there are a few... hee hee!

2. Thank you! You - too - wuz robbed.

Jen Star said...

I wonder how many more of your tchotchkes have indirectly inspired a Christmas carol?

"And it's one, two, three, raise a glass for dear old Fafner!"

Blog Princess G said...

Jen Star: That carol is destined to be a classic.

Speaking of classics... do you have the wording that you wrote to accompany the cake?

Jen Star said...

"Step right up and witness the remains of one of history's greatest monsters!

"Here lies Fafner, greedy-giant-turned-fratricidal-dragon, who was given a mighty blow on Christmas Eve by the hero Siegfried, strongest of all incest-begotten children in the land.

"Here also lies the dwarf Mime, who got in his way."

Vetulonia said...

Love the little incense holder - and his pouty lips!