Saturday, August 11, 2007


First off, let's discuss how to pronounce it, before I even explain what it is!

Apparently, "kouign-amann" is pronounced "coon-yah-MAHN". It's a Breton word (now there's a language that sounds intriguing) that means "butter cake." Yummy!

This yeast-risen cake from Brittany has a few, simple ingredients (no doubt the local butter and flour is very special), but it is in the making that it becomes magic.

A colleaugue of mine was vacationing in Brittany recently with her husband. They'd heard about this cake, famously representative of the region, and decided to buy one at a shop that is yet further famous for producing the kouign-amann. They bought a half-cake, knowing that it is best enojoyed slightly warmed with coffee, and figuring that it would provide several days' worth of treats. Well... they tried a piece on the journey back to their digs, and the cake didn't survive. Apparently it's one of the best things they have ever eaten.

I've found a recipe... and I'm going to try it when the cooler weather hits. Watch this space! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa. I love trying new stuff!

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