Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Only Chickens Wearing Birkenstock Sandals Permitted

A couple of weeks ago I caught The River Cottage Treatment on Food Network Canada. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is the host... a back-to-nature chef with a mission to convert the ready-made meals and convenience junkies out there. I've seen two episodes now and I was so impressed with his delivery, his firm, gentle way of illustrating the cruelty of factory farming and the important of really knowing your food... that I decided right there that the only meat coming into my home from now on will be organic. And I mean grain-fed and free-range. As much food as I can find that is organic will also be on the shopping list.

Tonight I had some organic chicken (roasted with fresh tarragon, butter, olive oil, and flamed in brandy, in the Elizabeth David manner) and it was divinely good. This is what real chicken tastes like. There's no looking back!

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willow said...

Hey, I like your new watercolor title! Looks nice. Your chicken sounds heavenly. Makes me hungry thinking about it...gotta get my toast and coffe.