Thursday, March 13, 2008


I haven't done a steam inhalation treatment since I was a kid. I did a couple last night and one this morning. It made a great difference to The Worst Cold I Have Ever Had.

I poured a tablespoon of Vicks steam therapy gop, whatever it's called, into a large bowl and added some boiling water. Sat with my head over it, covered with a towel and inhaled through my nose and through my mouth, alternating. What a head rush. It immediately cleared my sinuses. Ahhhhhhh... relief.


willow said...

You poor really DO have a cold. Well, the Lindt chocolate ball should do the trick! ;)

Blog Princess G said...

Yes... and I was thinking - if one Lindt chocolate ball feels that good - surely more would be even better? I shall experiment and report back.