Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Big Cake Project 2008 - Part Four

We spent most of the day on the cake and got all the decorative tiles finished. Yay!

Below: Laura pipes between the burgundy and white petals to create some emphasis.

Below: James shades the leaves with tinted piping gel (all edible).

Post-flooding, Laura repipes the stems and outlines the leaves.

Below: James pipes finishing touches on the leaf tiles.

Below: James pipes the outlines of the lettering for the cake. Once the outlines were dry, the letters were flooded with softer icing, but it will all dry hard.

Below: The finished leaf tiles.

Below: The finished flower tiles.

Below: finished lettering.

The cake board has been covered with fondant. Later this week I will bake the lemon cake layers and hope to have the cake assembled by Saturday morning. Lemon curd will be spread between the layers and the cake will be covered with cooked buttercream. Laura and James will return Saturday for us to finish the decorating. They'll also be building a box for transportation. We've yet to find one we can buy that really does the job. It has to be a very secure box and not too awkward for the strong arm of the team (James) to carry.

Below is the life-size printout of the cake design. You can see the side bits as well.


Casdok said...

Looks fantastic!

Blog Princess G said...

Thank you! I can't wait till it's all done.