Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Big Cake Project 2008 - Part Seven (Final!)

This was cake day, so after a morning meeting at work, I came home to meet Laura and James and complete the cake. This involved tiling and adding the lettering. First thing was to place the tiles on the life-size paper mockup that Laura had printed out early in the process. We picked the best, most consistent tiles.

Then we carefully transferred them to the cake, gently squidging them into the buttercream. And here it is, all finished, with colour-flow lettering in "Kelmscott", a William Morris font, applied to the fondant base with royal icing. Laura applied a lovely orange ribbon with tiny white polka dots to the surround of the fondant-covered cake board.

Here is a close-up of the tiles.

Then it was careful transportation time. I said the same thing I say each year to James: "If you drop it, no worries. It's not worth the aggravation." He didn't drop it. :)

And here is the cake before the fireplace in a lovely room at Trinity College, where it was consumed with much wine and excellent company.

To sum... this year all the separate details like the buttercream and the colourflow icing all seemed to go especially smoothly. I think it was the tastiest cake we've done too. I guess once you do this often enough, it gets easier. Even the cutting went well. I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the empty cake board. It was surprisingly neat. Many of the guests wrapped up tiles (those who got them) and took them home. This cake fed 70 with several second portions!

Thank you dear Laura and James for being such wonderful cake collaborators, and - most importantly - dear friends. And thank you readers for your interest and encouraging comments. Watch this space about a year from now! Hee hee.

Now I'm going to curl up with Tibby and give the last half of this bottle of wine a good home. Happy Earth Hour everyone!


Suza said...

Absolutely beautiful - well done to the three of you! You are all so talented... and brave!

Betsy said...

That cake is breathtaking! Wow...I just love it! I want a piece of it right now with my morning coffee! Sounds like it was delicious, too. Can't believe I have to wait another year to see what comes next! :)

willow said...

Stunning! Absolutely stunning!!!

Congratulations...looks like a huge success!

(I'm sure it tasted heavenly, too.)

Blog Princess G said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments!

glamah16 said...

Stunning. And so much detail!This is very original.

R said...

Wonderful job. The dining-room table is still surviving I see?


arrr said...

yes, the dining-room table survives and continues to be used extensively

Anonymous said...

Small world. Catching up with a friend who we haven't seen in months and she was showing us some piks. A few were of your cake, the WMSC event and yes, there was one with you in the background. I had to take a double take. Took some searching but we found you!