Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Big Cake Project 2008 - Part Six

The cake was filled with lemon curd, courtesy of Mark (one layer featured his special Limoncello lemon curd)...

... and then the three layers were coated twice with swiss meringue buttercream.

Now it awaits tiling and finishing in the morning.


Betsy said...

You need to tell me what Marmite is!

Blog Princess G said...

Uh oh, you've asked for it. Hee hee.

is just my FIRST post on Marmite. lol. You can also type Marmite in to do a search and see a number of posts in which I reference it.

Betsy said...

Ok! I searched your blog for all the Marmite entries! And then I googled it just to make sure! Interesting! Google says it's a
"a nutritious, vegan-friendly, British foodstuff originally made from the yeast left over by the beer-brewing process. Usually, it's spread thinly on toast, and for those who like it, it has a salty, almost meaty flavor. For those who don't, the flavor is more akin to that of earwax."
Ha-ha ~ I'm guessing you are one of the group that thinks it has a salty, meaty flavor! So...thanks for the lesson! I had never heard of it! Maybe it hasn't made it's way to rural Ohio! :)