Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Big Cake Project 2008 - Part Two

I think we've settled on this tile design, known as "Longden", attributed to Philip Webb, c. 1870, from Morris Marshall Faulkner & Co. The original 4-up tile was 6" square. We are going to make the individual quarters into 3" tiles. We're doing a smaller cake this year, as we think this event will be a bit more intimate. A 15" cake on a 19" square board. 5 tiles across by 5 equals 25 tiles plus 20 more for the sides (which measure 3" tall).


Betsy said...

Love it ~ can't wait to see the cake!

willow said...

Your '08 creation is going to be gorgeous!

This is totally unrelated, but saw this article this morning and thought you might like to take a peek:

Judie said...

This is a REALLY late comment but I just had to tell you - I have this exact pattern in blue in my bathroom!! I searched on-line to find a tile I liked and then special ordered it from California (extra shipping because they're heavy and I'm on the east coast). They only had 4 left but I have them on a field of white tiles and they are beautiful if I do say so myself. Makes my bath just that much more wonderful.

Once again - I really love your cakes!