Sunday, March 2, 2008

Don't Look!

The only reason I shop at Loblaws now is the occasional President's Choice product that I still haven't weaned myself off. Nothing wrong with Loblaws, I'd shop there a lot more, but it's a bit further than the other two supermarkets (who also happen to be open 24 hours, not that that's necessary either). Plus I have the St. Lawrence market which is a treasure trove of fresh produce and all sorts of organic stuff. Anyway, I really like the PC organic peanut butter, so I ambled down to Loblaws this afternoon to stock up. Those jars have quite the long shelf life. The cashier muttered something about me liking peanut butter.

"Why yes... yes I do," I replied. Then I looked at my conveyor belt of purchases. It was really odd. Bison burgers, three jars of peanut butter, smoked oysters and a lint roller. Do you ever have shopping expeditions like this? At Christmas you can always explain away the five pounds of butter, icing sugar, four packs of eggs, candied cherries and ground ginger... I mean, it's baking season! But other times of the year are trickier. Yes, yes... I'm very concious of what other shoppers might think of my choices. Just as I notice what they buy too. It's not so much judgment calls, as wondering what they're going to do with five sacks of rice and two packets of black string licorice. That's what someone on the neighbouring cash had today. I sense a craft project in the works.


willow said...

Funny funny!!:):):) For those odd assortment of purchases, I am extremely grateful for U-Scan!

Blog Princess G said...

The U-scan aisles in Loblaws are always the busiest. I've done that a couple of times with my dad - for him it's some sort of speed contest. He prides himself on never having to call for cashier help, but when he's with me we always have to because I mess up and then he gets cross and it's all very funny.