Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Intrigued, Intimidated and Excited

At last, I am going to read the bible.

I've always meant to do this. At this point in my life, I have no faith. So I am approaching this as a book first and as a major religious tome second. My mentor in this project, J, has told me I shouldn't read it cover to cover. He is leading me through it (and beside occasional distilled waters) so I am in good hands. J has a very strong faith and is tolerant of my cheeky remarks and saucepottish ways.

Another thing: I'm going to read TWO bibles. The King James version, and the NIV (new international version) at the same time. Yep, getting the lingo down here. Next stop is at the Anglican Book Centre to pick up my books. Even though I have a King James edition, I will probably buy a larger-print version to save my rapidly-aging eyes.


willow said...

Hold on tight for a marvelous journey! And don't get too hung up with all the genealogical lists in the OT. You will absolutely love the Psalms! I am excited for you!! :)

Blog Princess G said...

Good advice... thanks Willow. I can't wait for the Psalms. :) You sound as if you have some experience here.

willow said...

A little, but don't worry, I'm not a fanatic. ;)

Betsy said...

I must have missed this post ~ how is it going? Yes, the Psalms are wonderful....and Proverbs. So many incredible much to take in and think about. Not to mention, it's life-changing! :)