Friday, March 14, 2008

Lucky Me!

Cor! This is what my friend J brought me back from Scotland. It was a wonderful surprise, considering I'd spent her time away reconciling myself to the fact that she'd not be able to fit an honest-to-goodness kilt-wearing laird into her luggage for me. This has to be the next best thing! Green & Black's Chocolate Recipes... a goodly amount of which call for their Maya Gold chocolate, which is probably my favourite chocolate. Yum yum! I shall have to try a recipe this weekend, and hopefully by then my taste buds will have been restored to rude health.


willow said...

Yum-o! Keep us posted on what dilectible chocolate goodie you make.

Joel Barrett said...

Makes me think of one of my favorite movies: Chocolat. Love that movie and I love good dark chocolate!

Betsy said...

Love chocolate! Make sure you share any great recipes you try!