Monday, March 31, 2008


At a sumptuous five-course dinner last week at Tundra restaurant, a fellow-writer friend of mine came up to me during the fourth course (two vodka shots and four glasses of wine in) and murmured that she had (holding up three elegant digits) three fingers of Cardhu single malt scotch left and that she had determined that she and I were to finish them together.

Readers will recall that Cardhu is no longer available for purchase in North America. Sigh. No, make that... GROAN.

Delighted at the prospect of imbibing the heady nectar once more, I was inspired to google the Cardhu distillery again and, to my delight, found at last some useful information about the place. Apparently Cardhu is the only distillery to be founded by a woman, Helen Cumming, in 1811, on a farm high above the River Spey. She never sought to enlarge the operation, being chiefly concerned with quality. They carry this concern on to this day. It is on my list of to-visits and in the meantime shall enjoy a final wee dram with my friend, accompanied – on the advice of the distillery – by some fine Parma ham and black figs.


willow said...

Not familiar with Cardhu, until now. It does sound heavenly. I'll take a wee dram, too!

glamah16 said...

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