Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowed In...

Last night I walked to the theatre and the snow was falling in huge flakes. It was like something out of a Christmas movie, and as the rush hour traffic faded away, the snow muffled all the sounds around me and it was magical. I saw a production of As You Like It, a Shakespeare I'd yet to see live. It was very well done. The setting was - I think - Appalachian, with really good original music that I could have used even more of. The first act was very long, and the seat very uncomfortable, to the point of making me crazy with wanting to fidget. For the second half I sat in the empty back row of the small theatre and that was a huge relief, to be able to shift around when I wanted to. The design of theatre seats is quite the business... no point in cheaping out on them.

Walking home afterwards was even more magical. The snow was still falling... and it continues today, but much heavier, with the snow going horizontal and occasionally rising upwards (!). I'm considering myself snowed in. All week colleagues were wheezing and coughing and refusing to stay home. I am feeling the dreaded tickle in my throat so am bolstering myself up with supplements and lots of tea. Thank goodness I was attacked by a need to stock up the larder this week.

I already zoned out this morning and watched Jacques Tourneur's Nightfall (1957) on TCM, with Aldo Ray and Anne Bancroft on the run from a couple of thugs. It was suspenseful and the actors were all perfect. I loved how Ray (a very appealing everyman with that husky voice of his) and Bancroft (playing a gorgeous model) blindly trusted each other and almost giddily enjoyed their falling-in-love, not seeming to be properly concerned about the gun-wielding pyschos on their trail. Love conquers all!

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willow said...

I am so jealous of you being able to actually walk to the theater! Our community is set up where you have to drive everywhere, so we miss some of that special magic. We were snowed in today, too. I made a huge pot of chili, which tasted extra good because of the snow. Your lamb sounds heavenly...and I can smell your choc chip cookies! yum!