Monday, March 24, 2008

Song of the Day

I have the CD John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman playing and a glass of merlot in my hand. And... a small piece of dark chocolate before me which, not only is very good with red wine, but is the perfect complement to Hartman's voice: dark, chocolatey, smooth and completely seductive. I hear it and I melt. Sigh. This song will definitely appear on "my life soundtrack." It's magical too, that Hartman only starts singing about half way through the track. Before that and throughout, you get the wonderful Coltrane. Mmmmmmmmm.

My One and Only Love
(Guy Wood and Robert Mellin)

The very thought of you makes
My heart sing,
Like an April breeze
On the wings of spring
And you appear in all your splendor,
My one and only love.

The shadow's fall and spread their
Mystic charms in the hush of night,
While you're in my arms.
I feel your lips, so warm and tender,
My one and only love.

The touch of your hand is like heaven.
A heaven that I've never known
The blush on your cheek,
Whenever I speak,
Tells me that you are my own.

You fill my eager heart with
Such desire,
Every kiss you give
Sets my soul on fire
I give myself in sweet surrender,
My one and only love.


willow said...

Ummm...Merlot and dark chocolate do go hand in hand! Humm..that actually sounds fantastic. I have some dark chocolate...maybe I can dig up a bottle of merlot some where....

Blog Princess G said...

They do, don't they? Yum yum.

Betsy said...

I'm going to assume you are busy baking your cake layers! Haven't heard of mashed sardines with mayo but I imagine it's not too different from tuna salad!

Blog Princess G said...

Well, I guess it's similar, and convenient on toast! It's one of those things I forget about. Then I see a tin of sardines in the cupboard and think: oooh! Compote d'herring! You'll know what I mean when you read the next post. :)

phil said...

I have 2 great Trane cds.
'The Best Of,' and 'The Gentle Side of.'

Great first cds of a morning drive. :)