Friday, March 28, 2008


I finally baked something from my new Green & Black's Chocolate Recipes Book: Chocolate and Cherry Brownies (page 165). They were very simple and turned out wonderfully dark, rich, moist and darkly chocolatey, with an occasional little sensual burst of cherry to enliven the tongue.

The brownies took up the remaining Callebaut chocolate chips, the last hunk of Callebaut and the rest of the Ghirardelli chips. Imagine my feeling of unease at the realization that I was out of baking chocolate supplies (still tons of the regular eating stuff around.) I made another trip to my favourite shop (don't remember name, shall check it out next time) in the St. Lawrence Market. And as part of that trip, I picked up a small tub of these lovely dark-chocolate covered almonds. How do they get them so nice and shiny? Tempered chocolate I guess. They taste even better than they look.

Damn you delicious chocolate-covered almonds and your irresistible dark delicous chocolatiness!!! DAMN YOU! (They're on my desk at work... and I'm not alone in my delight in them. My co-workers are being even friendlier than usual in their regular visits. Heh heh heh.)

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Betsy said...

You are so nice to share! I don't know that I would be so generous....maybe with something like M&M's on the desk....but not those gorgeous chocolate almonds! :)