Thursday, March 13, 2008

What the - ?!

So I was checking out Delia Smith's website yesterday, and was semi-stunned to see a McDonald's ad right in the middle of her home page!! I've removed her link from my blog - dagnabit - in my own teeny form of protest!

What in Sam Hill is going on?

First Nigella, whose shows have always been so relaxing and distracting, does a series called Nigella Express, in which she uses plastic bottles of lime juice, a studio set, and some hired friends to show busy mums everywhere how they can entertain at the drop of a hat in the middle of the week (what lunatic would agree to even doing that if they are that busy??!!) Then, Delia comes out with all this food-express idealogy... and lets McDonald's advertise on her website.

I'm not saying any of this shouldn't be allowed. I just won't spend whatever precious moments I have at the end of the day listening to someone tell me to use pre-shredded, packaged cheese. When I have to save time I know how to save time. I watch what I consider good food programming to really learn something about good cooking. And I like to watch something that relaxes me. A tense Nigella is not the Nigella I have come to love!


willow said...

How preposterous....dagnabit!

Blog Princess G said...

You said it Willow! Golsarnit!