Saturday, April 19, 2008

Another Bass-Baritone

Whereas Eugene Onegin was limpidy moving as it cannot help but be, the COC's Barber of Seville was wonderful silliness... as it should be.

The set is traditional: very Spanish, dappled sunlight, wrought iron and geraniums everywhere. The costumes, just what you would expect. It's an older production that's been given fresh life, not just in the set and costumes, but in the action on stage. The stand out for me of the whole thing is the American bass-baritone Patrick Carfizzi. He's a young man, but plays the old, conniving Doctor Bartolo with great wit and charm. His face is naturally an attractive one, but it has a delightful rubbery quality to it and two very expressive eyebrows. The results are wonderful visually, including the obvious padding out of his costume. Vocally he's just a joy. His tone is warm and charming, and the humorous patter is flawless. I've heard it a few times now and my jaw drops each time he goes into it.

Performances are - yet again - sold out. But if you can get a ticket, he's worth the price of admission... in my opinion.


willow said...

I love "Barber". I'll have to check out daughter knows so many young opera singers since it's such a small industry. Opera is one thing I miss from not living in a large metro area.

glamah16 said...

Just saw this one (Baber of Seville) at Lryric. Silliness id right! This is one opera I had missed twice before over the years( train stuch in the countryside of Hungary , so missed the Vienna StatsOper performance, and a somewher else I cant remember!). I will keep a eye out for Carfizzi and the good ones eventually end up in Lyric.

Blog Princess G said...

Willow ~ I crave life in the country and the city. Can't afford both... yet.

Coco: You are very lucky to have the productions and the artists you have at the Lyric. I shall have to check the schedule of that and COT to see if anything is playing when I am there in September.