Friday, April 11, 2008

Another... Quote of the Day

"Chi a una sola è fedele, verso l'altre e crudele."

Sung by the title character in Mozart's Don Giovanni... my desert island opera, if I truly could only pick one. The libretto was by Lorenzo da Ponte, who died in New York, was buried in Manhattan, later moved to Queens with no marking of his grave, rather like poor Mozart himself.


willow said...

Don Giovanni is one of my favorites, too. I heard it performed live for the first time when my daughter sang the role of Zerlina. I love the Batti, Batti aria.

Blog Princess G said...

How moving it must be to see your daughter sing on stage! That is a lovely aria, for a very clever and saucy character.

willow said...

"Saucy" describes her to a tee! :)