Friday, April 18, 2008

Bistro Brilliance

At the last photo shoot in Montreal, we celebrated those long, intense days with dinner at L'Express Bistro, a classic spot on Saint Denis. What was brilliant about this place, apart from the wonderful bistro atmosphere and the lovely kerfuffle of humanity in the Plateau district, was the fact that one of the dessert choices was three small chocolate truffles. So for those, like me, who didn't want a large, rich dessert, this was perfect.

I hope other establishments follow suit. I suggest it as often as possible. ;) In the light of the dark chocolate obsession that has struck so many food types, it surely is a good idea?

One charming feature of L'Express is that the only sign to mark it is embedded in the pavement outside.

My next stay in Montreal will be at a friend's place in the Plateau, just a few minutes walk from Saint Denis. I can't wait. As soon as the vertigo is passed and I can fly confidently again, I am THERE.


david mcmahon said...

Love Montreal. Spent time there two years ago, on a photographic assignment for the Canadian Tourism Commission!!

Blog Princess G said...

I thought that was you! ;)