Friday, April 11, 2008

Da Big Book

So... if you recall, over a month ago, I stated: "At last, I am going to read the bible."

From today's correspondence:

J: This little snake in the garden will survive our neighbour, who is definitely anti-snake. Not all the others did.

Me: Puir wee snakeys. Well, anyway, that’s my attitude until I get to the Garden of Eden bit. You know… in the bible, which I’m reading. :)

J: You started??

Me: Er, well, no not exactly. But I will be tomorrow after I buy the NIV. Honest guv. I’m going to read it hand in hand with the King James version. I have to admit I'm kind of jittery about this bible reading. [Pause] In a good way, like stage fright.

J: lol. How so?

Me: I might convert. GULP. I mean, not convert but be, you know… won over. Okay, that sounds awful. I mean I suppose it’s okay if I am, but I’m a bit nervous.

J: Not awful. Natural.

Me: Okay

J: It’s a scary thing not to be in charge.

Me: Well, it’s like this: it’s as though I want to read it with my hands in front of my eyes with a small gap in between my fingers, just a small one, as I do when I’m watching a scary movie.

J: It’s a Jesus thing.

Me: Indeedly Doodly? ARGH!!! Did you read what I wrote?? I'm turning into Flanders! It's working already!

Cap’n Luke: lol

(He is very patient, even with all the Simpsons' references. I shall report back tomorrow on my purchases.)


willow said...

It's a huge undertaking and I don't blame you for being a little bit jittery. Are you sure you don't want to read the NT first and then back up and read the OT? Good idea to get the NIV, too! :)

glamah16 said...

Good Luck with this. I havent really sat down and gone through this since Catholic High School.I guess I need some refreshers.

Capt. Luke said...

I am afeared there was no blog entry regarding your purchase of said Bible. Flanders is a wretched stereotype of a Christian, though on some it hits the mark....;)

Blog Princess G said...

Just wait Captain Luke... just wait.