Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Drink of the Gods

No, not yet another post about Cardhu.

This is about an amazing chocolate concoction from Soma (they still have a lousy website, but don't be deterred from visiting!), my favourite chocolatier. Their Mayan "Drink of the Gods" is a hot chocolate drink made with chili peppers, ginger, orange peel, Madagascar vanilla and "a unique blend of spices." At the store, you can sit at the bar and have a "small intense shot", or you can have a drink diluted with steamed water or milk. As you can guess, I take the former. And you can make it at home... so tonight for the first time I made it myself. My folks have arrived back from their two-month sojourn in the magical San Miguel de Allende, looking leaner, browner and bearing gifts. To celebrate I broke out the Soma hot chocolate mix and made it thusly:

Two measures of the gorgeous nuggets to one measure of unsweetened soy milk (just because I had it and wanted to enhance the health benefits of this drink, which must be many, beginning with the antioxidants and the ginger.)

Whisk gently to heat and melt, over a double boiler... or just in a saucepan as I did. Just be careful not to let it scorch.

Until... it's smooth! See how thick it is?

I make a very small amount, as they serve in Soma. Trust me, you couldn't chug-a-lug this down, unless you are Montezuma, Emperor of the Aztecs who partook up to 50 times a day to keep his libido boosted for the benefit of his considerable harem. One or two would more than do that to modern man, or woman, in my opinion. ;)

It's so thick that when you are finished letting it slide down the edges of your cup and over your lips, there is quite a lot still hugging the sides of the cup. So then I get in there with my longest digit and clean it out.

All gone! :(

The Aztecs knew a thing or two. And the modern version of this magical elixir is hot, thick, spicy and creamy. It will soothe and entice and send a delicious rush to your brain.


willow said...

Ooooooooh, wow, would I like a cup of that! (Just like in the movie Chocolate.) It looks heavenly. Your cup and saucer are beautiful. You must tell me the pattern.

And don't drink too much of the stuff...we don't want you jumping on those hunks at the firestation!! ;)

Betsy said...

That looks wonderful! I've never heard of it. And the photos are beautiful....love the cup. Can't believe how thick it is...yum, yum!

Blog Princess G said...

Willow - it's "Alpine Pink" by Wedgwood. I love this cup and saucer, and - when I remember to - keep a look out for more pieces. No luck recently. Maybe I'll ask the hunks at the firestation for some advice. Hee hee.

It is thick Betsy, although it can be made thinner, but who would want to? :)

Betsy said...

I love that movie Chocolat! :)
Speaking of the firemen....just take them some cups of that!

Lavinia said...

Mouthwatering pics. In somewhat of a happy chocolate glut these days, what with all that 50% off chocolate sale at the Bay...

Blog Princess G said...

Chocolate: good.

Hunger: bad.