Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little Goddess

This little goddess figurine was made by a Scottish sculptor friend of mine. She is very small, about three inches long and fits perfectly in a gently closed fist.

My friend reports that these objects are a source of fascination for children who see his work at art shows. But more often the parents scold their little boys for touching them. What a barmy attitude.

The original goddess carvings of this size must have been a soothing talisman for our ancient ancestors. One night not long ago, waking to a bad bout of vertigo (and it is distressingly disorienting in the dark) I took her in my hand and held her there as I thought of the earth and my connection to it and how one day I would return to it. These thoughts soothed me as I slowly fell back asleep.


willow said...

What a great little goddess. Is she stone? Soft, smooth stone is comforting in the hands. I love small talismans like this. Special, especially since you know the artist.

Laurence Fishburne is marvelous in Kenneth Branagh's Othello...soooo steamy.

Blog Princess G said...

I think it's made of some sort of resin compound - this one is formed from a mould and finished by hand... I think. I've yet to see that Othello... I must very soon!