Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Let me perish, but first
let me summon, in dazzling hope,
bliss as yet unknown!"

Tatyana in Tchaikovsky's opera, Eugene Onegin. I saw a very good production of this today from a prime seat. The music - yet again - was ravishing. My goose pimples had goose pimples. And those goose pimples were so goosepimply they hurt. I cried. I sighed. I floated dizzily home awash with romantic longing. Just perfect.


R said...

How many times now have you seen this one?


willow said...

I am very, very jealous!! :) I love the story of Eugene Onegin and have never seen the opera. Martha Fiennes' film version is nice.

Blog Princess G said...

R ~ Hee hee. Yes, I have a habit of seeing good productions multiple times if possible. This was my first (and only) time seeing this production. But you know it's my number two opera of all time, so there's a good reason.

Willow ~ Martha Fiennes version was so well done. I have to rent it again. You would love this opera. The meltingly passionate music, full of longing and regret... It's like... well, it's not unlike the feelings stirred by Brief Encounter. Which reminds me... I'm waiting on tenterhooks for the single tickets to go on sale at Houston Grand Opera. :)