Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Trillium Cake

The three-petalled trillium is the emblem and official flower of Ontario, and it is a most wonderful, welcome sight in spring. Walking the Bruce Trail not too far north of the city, I have come across woods of silver birch that are carpeted in these lovely white flowers and an occasional purple variety.

In keeping with the spring weather that has descended on our part of the world, I made a cake on Sunday for a special occasion yesterday. Four rolled fondant trilliums at each corner and more fondant ropes around the base. The filling and icing were all dark Callebaut-based... I am completely addicted to it.

Click on the pictures for bigger versions. A real trillium:

A fondant trillium (photographed by a friend):

The complete cake:

Ready for the official cutting (photographed by a friend):

OH! And for doubting Captain Luke... here is my new NIV leather-bound bible (on the right) next to my old King James mother-of-pearl bound one on the left (which is well camouflagued by the white bedspread). Next... to actually start reading them. Gulp.


glamah16 said...

Beautiful work on the cake. Very ,very elegant. I was thinking of the Bibles and its relation to cake..There is this cake pan shaped liked a big book( Bible). I have some crazy decorating ideas running around in the head and am contemplating buying it.
Suggestion: When you feel overwhelmed or lazy with the scriptures, go back to some cake creations like this or replicating nature as you have done , for a renewed inspiration.And when you complete the task , maybe serve up a big Bible shaped cake to celebrate!

Bill Stankus said...

Trilliums. When we first moved to our Puget Sound location (from Central NY) I was unfamiliar with Trilliums, ditto Stinging Nettles.

Now we find them growing wild on our property and that is always a delight.

Stinging Nettles ... that's a different story.

willow said...

Wouldn't I love to have a slab of that cake right now! And it is absolutely gorgeous, too. You are amazing.

And how did I know that you would purchase a lovely NIV to make your reading pleasant? :)

The Caked Crusader said...

Ooh - nice fondant flowers; that's the sort of arty stuff I can't do!
What's callebaut? Is it a type of chocolate?

Capt. Luke said...

Just open it up and read it, you big chicken. It is a very good book.

Betsy said...

The cake is amazing! So are the fondant flowers! And the Bibles are beautiful! I'm still using a King James Bible that I got for my 13th birthday. As you can imagine, the pages are brittle and yellow and the leather cover is cracked and worn. But I love it anyway and don't want to give up all the notes I've scribbled inside. I might think twice if someone were to give me a gorgeous mother-of-pearl one, though! :)

A Kite Rises said...

I am so impressed - what a stunning cake, I love the way you decorated, simple and not over-adorned, always works best ; ) I would love a piece (or three!)

Blog Princess G said...

Coco: I think your suggestion is wonderful, esp the final cake!

Bill: Trilliums are magical when you come across a carpet of them in a silver birch copse, as I do most springs. I hear Puget Sound is magical too.

Willow: There's nothing like chocolate cake is there? My grandma made one for Sunday tea each week. I can still taste it - and have never had its equal.

Caked Crusader: Callebaut is indeed a very very good chocolate brand.

Captain Luke: Oh-cluck-kay.

Betsy and Kite: Next time I'll save you a piece. As for your bible, Betsy, I can imagine how personal that is. The first version of a book I love is always the one I treasure. I think that's why I love second-hand bookstores, for that loved-in feeling of the books.