Saturday, May 10, 2008

Captain Luke on the Case

There are many aspects to Captain Luke's persona: son of Delaware, salt-encrusted dreade pirate, and now, it seems, ace boy spy. In my post of May 7, something didn't ring true for the brave captain, and so - after some digging around on the internet- he came to the conclusion that Mr. Larry Lamborghini had at least one more alias, along with his penchant for great Italian sports cars.

I didn't believe him at first... but the pictorial evidence is most intriguing.

Here is my postcard of Larry "Lamborghini", as he saucily names himself:

And here is what Captain Luke dug up online... two photographs of a Mr. Larry Ferrari, as he boldly named himself on an official headshot...

and on his Christmas album of organ favourites.

What do you think? I was all very "pish posh" when Captain Luke gruffly approached me with his theory, but, having closely examined the eyes, the smile, the nose, and most certainly the eyebrows, I am almost convinced that he is correct!

What do you all think?


glamah16 said...

That's the same man all right. Its him,I tell ya it's him. I'd recognize that cheesy mug anywhere!

Suza said...

Hmmm, I am not convinced. I think it may be his evil twin, Eddy Edsel! :)

glamah16 said...

Oh and he's in the nursing home now as just Mr. Larry Fiat.

willow said...

Oh yes, that's definitely him, no doubts in my mind.

He just chose a different car for his updated stage name. :D

Blog Princess G said...

You're all too witty for this blog. ;)