Friday, May 2, 2008

Quote of the Day

“Stop being a breadwinner and kiss me!”

Deborah Kerr as Kay Dorrance to Clark Gable as Victor Albee Norman in The Hucksters (1947).

SPOILER: He kisses her! Hee hee.


willow said...

A kiss scene between Deborah Kerr and Clark Gable? [sigh] How did I miss this film?

Betsy said...

Hmmmm....I just may have to use that line! :)

Rebecca said...

I've missed this one, too..I'll have to update my Netflix list:-)

Betsy said...

You know, I haven't had a softboiled egg in years! I may have to rememdy that right now, as I read that on your sidebar. You always make them sounds so yummy! With toast soldiers, of course! A little fruit on the side...a perfect Saturday brunch, huh! :)

willow said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm must be your word of the day, BPG. I've seen it in your comments out around the bloggerhood today. ;)

Bill Stankus said...


Check out the current issue of B&W Magazine (Black and White) issue 59.

It has terrific still photos of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr shot during the famous beach scene in From Here to Eternity. Now that was a kiss!

Blog Princess G said...

Willow, I'd only vaguely heard of it myself, but it's so worth catching! Thank you TCM!

Betsy, that's a brilliant idea!

Rebecca, I'm thinking that Netflix is some American movie download thing? Sounds intriguing. I hope - as my father claims - that before long every movie ever made will be downloadable. I'd never leave the house!

Willow, I didn't really notice. "Mmmmmmm" is certainly an occasional mood of mine. A good one! Hee hee.

Bill, I will certainly check that out. B&W stills of old Hollywood are some of my favourite pictures. I think I might have to post on that particular passion of mine soon. As for Lancaster/Kerr... that was a wonderful kiss. Sigh. Makes me long for the ocean. Only slightly more wonderful than the kiss inspired by that in "Airplane", lol. I trust you've seen that?