Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Pictures ~ Stratford 2008

Tibby helping me select some books to take with me.

A walk along Lake Victoria. Gracious homes, willow trees and lovely pathways surround this lake, and in winter the water is lowered for freezing and skating. This was the one overcast day of the week.

A bridge leads to this little island, a favourite photograph spot for wedding groups.

The Festival Theatre, very 1950s in architecture, reflects the look of the tent that housed the initial season.

This sculpture honours that first tent and the locals who worked to raise it.

A lazy afternoon with a great book and my favourite chocolate.

Down the Street Pub, where actors and audience gather after in a sari-curtained ambience for some really good food. There are smarter spots with plates the size of Rhode Island and portions that would fit in a thimble. You can keep them! This is my favourite place to have dinner.

York Street, which backs onto Lake Victoria:

York Street Kitchen, my favourite sandwich spot anywhere...

... with surely the jolliest interior.

St. James' Anglican Church:

Trattoria Fabrizio still makes the best cannolo I know, which I enjoyed while reading a biography of Elizabeth David.

Watson's Chelsea Bazaar, a great spot to pick up a deal on china. It's a rambling hodge podge of lovely patterns and friendly staff (and great cats).

Lots of Christmas shopping took place last week. ;)

Rheo Thompson Candies, locally owned and famed for their chocolate mint smoothies.

They have the most colourful displays. More shopping. :)


Bachelor said...

Absolutely great pics!!! thanks for sharing your travel days with us....
The Bach

Suza said...

It's been too long since my last trip to Stratford and these pics are just the thing I need to plan a wee trip by the Avon - beautiful post, BPG. Glad you have returned rested, refreshed, rejuvenated, reinvigorated... and Rheo Thompson sated. Big hug!

Edward Hegstrom said...

Welcome back, but I hope you didn't take too much of Tibby's advice regarding packing. If it were up to my cats, my suitcase would be filled with nothing but tuna.

willow said...

I want to go to Watsons!!

You took some lovely photos. I especially like the one with the pastry. mmmmm.