Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In a World... without Don Lafontaine

I was very sad to hear of the death of Don Lafontaine, otherwise known as The Voice.

You know the one... with those incredibly basso tones, he provided the voice-overs for almost every mainstream Hollywood movie trailer for the last 30 or so years.

"In a world..."

"He was a man... she was a woman..."

"In a time..."

There was a point in my 20s when I found his style irritating. But with age came a great appreciation of irony and I got a certain kick from hearing his sonorous tones. There are some great clips of him on YouTube, including an interesting featurette on Good Morning America and a sweet spoof of himself on a Geico ad.


Edward Hegstrom said...

Sadly, his services seemed to be no longer requested in recent years, as trailers seem to rely more and more on lumps of on-screen text. However overfamiliar LaFontaine's voice might have been, he was used in some memorably distinctive ads (everything from THE GODFATHER to FRIDAY THE 13TH)--nowadays, every single trailer resembles every other one, no matter what the movie is about.

Lavinia said...

I wonder who will replace him. Will it be someone with another sort of distinctive voice, or will they try to find someone with a very similar voice?

Dave Coulter said...

Yes, they were talking about him on the radio. I guess he did thousands of these voice-overs? What an amazing career!

willow said...

Yes, we all felt as if we knew him, didn't we?

A World Away said...

Finally made it here. Well I'm learning so much everyday in the blogsphere and today is another of those days. I was not aware of The Voice and it seems we have lost the voice to a sea of mediocrity.

Blog Princess G said...

Edward: I concur, Dr. Hegstrom. What makes me nuts is how every trailer gives away the entire plot to every movie!

LL: Not to worry, as there are several guys out there already who are similarly-gifted in that sort of voice. Still, none of them are Don.

Dave: Yes! He recorded dozens of spots each day from his home studio. He was so efficient, that he ploughed through the assignments like no-one else.

Willow: Yes... sigh.

World Away: Welcome! Hope you make some return visits. I am so enjoying your blog!