Friday, December 26, 2008

And Lo, it was Good... and Lo, I am Fatter

From our Christmas breakfast (while unwrapping presents) of buttered panettone...

... to Christmas dinner...

... I indulged and it was marvelous.

The menu was similar to last year's with some changes:

Chestnut and sweet potato soup (the recipe comes from this excellent blog)
Sage and cheddar biscuits

Maple-glazed ham
Turkey breast rolled with cranberry and cashew stuffing
Butternut squash crumble
Green beans and shiitake mushrooms
Cranberry, orange and port relish

Dark sticky gingerbread with whipped cream
Single-malt scotch truffles


Protege said...

This all looks so tasty, I love all your pictures, you must have had a great time.
Now I am hungry again.;)

willow said...

Sounds like it was heavenly, BPG! Hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas.

AP said...

Mmmm...mmm...mmm. Would love to have some of these recipes. Christmas is past and here we is already 2009. That means it is time for good wishes. Happy happy new year with lots of yummy things to savor and experience.

Dave Coulter said...

Looks like it was a great event!

Betsy said...

I recently saw on someone's blog that they made french toast from their panettone....I must try that!
Hope your New Year is a wonderful one, BPG...I'm so glad we are bloggy friends! xo

Blog Princess G said...

Thanks all!

AP: If there's one in particular, let me know!

Betsy: I made a bread and butter pudding on year with the left-over panettone with amaretto sauce... unreal, it was so good. Wow, French toast would be *amazing*! I'm so pleased you're my blog chum too. :)