Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have received comments that the fiction part of my blog is a bit neglected. And indeed it is. I didn't read much at all last year, at least not for personal pleasure. I'm reading a little more now, but one book I did finish way back is Devil May Care. The new James Bond novel was written by Sebastian Foulks writing as Ian Fleming. So... yes, it's set in the 60s and as such has a delicious nostalgic way about it. What's not to like about a Bond book that has a heroine named Scarlett Papava and a thug called Chagrin?

It's a light read and a quick one, and I hope he's got a few more up his sleeve. I wonder if Barbara Broccoli has bought the film rights? It would seem the smart thing to do.


Edward Hegstrom said...

I remember asking about this back when you first started reading it. Glad to hear it's at least okay.

I've never read any of the non-Fleming Bond books, and have wondered if any of them share his never-say-die colonialist worldview...

Blog Princess G said...

Edward: Worth a read, but not paying hard-cover prices as I did. :)