Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At Lunch with Bruce the Bat

This blog's favourite bat does get out and about and here he is at lunch with his friend, Dr. M. at our local Distillery District.

First, steak, stout and stilton pie at the Mill Street Brew Pub. Yum. Accompanied of course by Mill Street's own Cobblestone Stout.

We traditionally forgo dessert and stumble across the cobblestones to Soma Chocolatier, which is not unheard of on this blog. AND... they finally have a groovy new website.

And... here it is: dessert. A cup of warm Mayan hot chocolate, the "Drink of the Gods."

Is it any wonder I didn't weigh in last week?


marc aurel said...

In soma, e pelligoroso

Betsy said...

That Bruce is some Lucky Duck...er...I mean..Bat. :) And so is that Dr. M!

willow said...

I want to visit the Brewery District!!!

Protege said...

I love Bruce's scarf.;) And the "Drink of Gods" looks delicious. It seems that you guys had a great day.;))
You know, I think Bruce the Bat would get along with Cat the Batcat very well.;))

Brave Sir Robin said...


Does the chocolate have cinnamon and chili in it?

Blog Princess G said...

Marc - e vero!

Betsy and Willow: Definitely, the Distillery should be on your itinerary when (not if) you visit Toronto. :)

Protege: It's his favourite scarf! (He has two in total). I think they might get on just fine. :)

Brave Sir Robin: It has chili and ginger... what a rush to the head... fabulous stuff!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What an inviting shop! I'd love to be heading there today. With Bruce, of course!

Betsy said...

BPG ~ you know, Willow and I SHOULD come for a visit! How fun would that be!? Willow....get your passport updated!

Betsy said...

Hey BPG ~ I've tagged you for a short, fun meme if you are interested...but only if you want to! :)

glamah16 said...

That Bruce sure gets around. And always looking sauve.

Dave Coulter said...

Bat spelled backwards is "tab" and I'm hoping the bat picked up the tab ;)

Blog Princess G said...

Pamela Terry and Edward: Bruce would love to show you around!

Betsy and Willow: Just let me know when you're coming! I'd love to show off our city to you. Note: Spring and Fall are great. Summer is stinking hot. Winter: avoid. :)

Betsy: I would... but am on hiatus for now. Thank you for thinking of me, my blog pal. :)

Coco: He's quite the well-turned out bat, isn't he? And so sweet natured.

Dave: Well, let me put it this way, he usually looks startled when he sees the bill. But then, he often looks startled. All part of his charm.