Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quote of the Day

"My feelings for you, Hank, are like a big bowl of... fish hooks. I can't just pick up one up at a time. I pick one up and they all come, so I just had to leave 'em alone."

Meryl Streep as Lee in Marvin's Room (1996)


Betsy said...

You're back???? Hurray! :) And with a gorgeous new profile picture! Really stunning, BPG!

robert d said...

I reviewed some of your older blogs and found them very enjoyable. You are quite the cook. The snaps included made everything look yummy.

Also taken by your expressions - "banter-honing" and especially "saucepot", even though I am not exactly sure what a "saucepot" is.

And how does the magic come?
By doing.
But I want to do good things. How do I do that?
Do many things, some of them will be good.

Who gnu/knew/new?