Sunday, August 23, 2009

Slurping Noises

I was struck by the urge to make my own pasta today, for the first time ever.

The banks of my flour well broke and the egg rushed out. Eep!

With pirate cries I stemmed the flow, and soon had an assembled dough. Blimey, that rhymes!

Kneading took place and soon a smooth dough ball was in my proud possession:

After resting (both me and the dough), I did some rolling out.

My inexperience showed in in the tagliatelle that came out uneven and a bit too thick. I hadn't realized how much the strands would swell during cooking. Here they are, uncooked:

But, boy were they good when they were cooked! I served them with a fresh sage/butter sauce tossed with the pasta, then topped with lashings of finely shaved parmigiano and ground black pepper. My two human guinea pigs were very happy with the result.

And speaking of sage, I think it's time for a "quote of the day":

"Wisdom is the providence of the aged,
but the heart of a child is pure."
Peter Sellers as Hrundi V. Bakshi in The Party (1968)

//UPDATE: I was on the phone with a friend who asked me why the noodles appeared to be such different colours pre-cooking and post. Answer: they were photographed in different rooms. The cooked noodles look more like they did in real life.


Bill Stankus said...

And here's a quote (from me:
"Wisdom only matters if someone is paying attention."

Blasé said...

Sometimes Show 'n Tell makes me hungry!

Photomas said...

Love your blog, Blog Princess G. Great photos.

Blog Princess G said...

Bill: I'm all ears.

Blasé: Food: Good. Thanks for visiting! I'll be over to visit your blog.

Photomas: Thank you Photomas! I love NM, you're in a stunning part of the world. Thank you for visiting. I'll be over to visit your blog.

Maria said...

looks yummy, congrats on your success, maybe one day I will try that as well.

Blog Princess G said...

Maria: Let me know what happens! I'll be over to visit your blog. Thanks for the visit!