Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stowe White and the Seven - make that Twenty-odd - Plums

It's too hot to do anything. So first of all I admired the paint job in my home (I did the whole thing this summer; amazing what you can do when taking a blog hiatus) and remarked on the many different hues that Stowe White paint can take in late afternoon light. Then I admired one of my hanging Jack Pines.

Then I lay on the carpet and considered dinner. Too hot to cook. Almost too hot to eat (let's not get carried away) so I consumed a bowl of yellow Ontario plums. A big bowl.

Stomach pains! Why do I do this? I cannot resist the lure of summer fruit. Sigh... OW!


willow said...

There's nothing quite so lovely as a layer of fresh new paint. Kudos to you, BPG! The manor is in dire need of it. :P

Protege said...

Please send us some heat. Here the summer is definitely at its very end.;))
You did a great job painting; I have to say that is the only house improvement job I do enjoy.;))

Blog Princess G said...

That's the last time I'd do it all in one go, but I'm very pleased it's done. I'm really enjoying the results, so that's certainly worth it.