Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Waving Vigorously

Hello! I'm hoping to start blogging again soon. In the meantime, I'll get myself back into the swing with a new "Quote of the Day" feature on the top of the right-hand column. Also, my top ten movie list is now up to twelve. Can you spot the latest addition?

Hey, have other bloggers noticed that the search feature on the top left doesn't seem to work any more? Also, the profile views counter seems to have frozen but I've heard that's pretty common.

Hope you're all well!


Bill Stankus said...

Wow, Surprise! Glad you're back.

While you were gone, let's see, The US has a new president, we've gone to space - many round trips including a service call to the Hubble Telescope, there's been a recession ... and, the iPhone now has over 50,000 Apps.

Protege said...

Ah, welcome back!!!
I have had my share of problems over time with the blogger, the followers list has changed and has a different look (in my opinion it is no improvement).
Looking forward to read more from you again.;))

phil said...

"Woo Hooooo!"
~ Homer Jay Simpson

(I only quote from the best, doncha know)

Blog Princess G said...

Bill: Wow! That'll learn me to go underground for so long. Seems like the best place to be. :)

Protege: I enjoy all my visits to you, of course!

Phil: Mmmmmmm... Vagabond (drooling noises a la Homer)

R.A.D. Stainforth said...

Welcome back. At least you are waving, not drowning. I used to start every post with a quote, then I got bored. I must start that up again. So, here is a quote for today:

I wear a bra because I would never not be able to: my bust is a 32FF. Even though I’m known for flaunting my cleavage I actually try to disguise my breasts to make them look smaller. I was totally flat-chested until I was 13. Once I was put on the pill at 14, they just grew totally out of control. My grandmother had a 46-inch chest and it’s something that runs in the family.

Yes, you guessed it, Tracey Emin.

Blog Princess G said...

Thank you Dr. S! And, would you believe it, I didn't guess!